Sunday, June 1, 2008

Israel Day Parade - 60 years

Today's the Israel Day Parade! Raise your hand if you're going/were there (depending on when you read this)!

Yay Israel pride!

And, uh, this post is dedicated to my friend Winky who is an officer in the Israeli army and who is also getting married to one of my best friends next march.

Er, I tried to make this post more interesting but it's not really - not very. So then I tried to find the Shalom Sesame theme song on youtube and GASP it's not there! It's a travesty! I used to love Shalom Sesame! And since I don't really have time to start being all inspirational about Israel, I figured I'd just post this instead:

Ah, childhood (Pobody, feel free to change the words to "rubber penguin" if you'd like). Enjoy!

UPDATE: Things that will always be at the Israel Day Parade:

1. Fathers in baseball caps
2. Mothers in fanny packs
3. Grandparents in brightly colored foam or plastic visors
4. Non-Jewish marching bands
5. Neturei Karta
6. Rambam boys (and others) creating a scene around the Neturei Karta
7. Dorky, over-sized T-shirts
8. Dorky, over-sized 3/4 sleeve T-shirts that reach your wrists
9. Miami/Yeshiva/Other Boys Choir songs
10. Everyone from your entire life ever except for the ones who you actually want to run into. Rule: you're guaranteed to run into every single person you hoped you'd never see again


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I saw you on the jblogosphere float!

Erachet said...

Now THAT would be a fun float to be on!!! Except we'd all have to wear masks so we'd retain our anonymity - except for people like Ezzie, of course.

Erachet said...

Ohhhh, now I see what you mean.

But still, it would be SO COOL to have a REAL jblogosphere float! :D

M said...

Hey- L'shanah Haba'ah.

You never know.

(I'm actually planning on inviting blogosphere to my vort- hopefully the lucky guy I decide to build my life will will be open to the idea!) :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Erachet: I didn't do a purim parody thing this year with Ezzie so the least we could do is a float.

Then again - Ezzie's apartment is like a float every single Shabbat!