Monday, June 2, 2008


(my status: HOLY WOW - that's just scary)

what's scary?
erachet: the fact that 127 people so far have read my blog today
or at least, people came back enough times that there are 127 hits
and it's only seven at night!
I don't think my blog has EVER broken 100 hits before
in one day
scraps: woohoo!
good for you!

Sent at 7:09 PM on Monday

(my status: if my blog breaks 150 hits today, I think I'll go into shock):-D

scraps: how many hits are you up to?
erachet: 141!
scraps: i bet you'll breat 150 ;)
you might even break...175...or 200!!!
then you'd really go into shock, wouldn't you?
erachet: um...yes
the day my blog sees 200 is...
a scary day
scraps: today? ;)
why scary?
erachet: I dunno
I doubt it'll get THAT many more hits today
scary blog has never broken 100 hits before!
scraps: why not?
erachet: why now!
scraps: cuz you're FUNNY
and cuz bad4 gets a lot of traffic ;)
erachet: hahaha
and ezzie
scraps: yeah, him too
erachet: 'cause I was already getting a ton of hits before bad4 linked me
scraps: but her audience is more likely to check it out
ok, so both of them get credit :)
erachet: hehe
they do
Sent at 7:54 PM on Monday
scraps: i still bet you'll break 150 though
erachet: maybe
142 now
scraps: nice :)
Sent at 7:56 PM on Monday
erachet: eep
that's 12 x 12!
scraps: w00t!
at this rate, you really ARE going to break 150, and probably quite a lot higher ;)
erachet: you think so?
scraps: hello! in the last 5 minutes, you've gotten 3 more hits!
erachet: hmmm
scraps: you're so totally breaking 150
erachet: you sure it's not you refreshing?
scraps: nope, i haven't been on since 7 or so
erachet: hmmmmm
scraps: so no, i'm not cheating ;)
although i'll admit that i might be more than one of the 144
erachet: hehehe
scraps: but it's all been from one comp
erachet: well, I don't REALLY think 144 DIFFERENT people are reading
scraps: right
erachet: it's probably, like
30 people
scraps: but it was a good post :)
erachet: hehe
things have been on the rise since the spoon post
but until today, my average is 45 hits
scraps: the spoon post was AWESOME :-D
erachet: and before the spoon post, my average
scraps: heh
Sent at 8:02 PM on Monday

erachet: THREE MORE
what'll I do once it breaks 150?
scraps: faint, probably :P
Sent at 8:07 PM on Monday
scraps: anyway, i gotta head out
keep me updated ;)
erachet: okay!
scraps: layla tov :)
erachet: (148)
layla tov!
scraps: w00t!

scraps: maybe i should stay on for the big 1-5-0 ;)
erachet: hahaha
maaaaaybe you should!
scraps: and i'm exercising TREMENDOUS self control right now and NOT cheating by going and checking your blog again!
erachet: NO CHEATING
it has to be REAL hits
scraps: i'm NOT cheating!
me: okay, GOOD
scraps: nu?
erachet: still 148
scraps: yeesh
Sent at 8:13 PM on Monday
scraps: it's ok, i'm going to stick this out, i want to see you make it to 150!
erachet: hahahaha
I dunno when it'll be! I seem to be stuck on 148
scraps: boooooo
you'll make it to 150! i know you will!
erachet: 151!
scraps: YAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

(by the way, it's up to 155 now)

UPDATE: It broke 200! That's


SJ said...

[insert stuffy British accent here]: I believe this is a count-up, not a count-down.

Scraps said...

Hehehe...I'm psychic! Who said you'd break 200, hmm....? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Count me for three hits. ;-)