Monday, June 2, 2008

You can't stop the beat!

Today is a serious day, sure. I'm sure there will be lots of blog posts out there commemorating the importance of Yom Yerushalaim. But it's also a very happy day!

Last night, my brother called from Israel. It was four in the morning for him so at first I was afraid something was wrong - but no! He was at the Kotel after having marched from Merkaz Harav into the Old City. They walked through the Arab shuk and somehow one of his good friends was leading this huge pack of people. While they were in the shuk, it got really quiet and then his friend shouted out - "This is ours!" And everyone started cheering and running to the Kotel.

That is what Yom Yerushalaim is about. It's our city, our history, our holiday!

Yesterday there was an Israel parade in Manhattan. Today there was a parade in Yerushalaim. That's brotherhood, for you. Those of us in chutz la'aretz, let's not forget what Yom Yerushalaim is like in Israel and let's celebrate along with them!

It's time to celebrate the Jewish People (all Jewish People - more religious, less religious, Israeli, American, everyone).

From a girl who spent a year in the Old City...every steep staircase, every hidden doorway, every secret square, every winding passageway - it all feels like it belongs to us. We emanate from it. It all breathes out the dust of our history, our heritage. Yup - that's why the Old City's so dusty. Uh huh.

People may try, but no one can take Jerusalem from us. Not really. Not truly.

I'm a writer, I pride myself on my ability of expression, but there is no way for me to completely express the importance of Jerusalem - except I don't have to. You all know it. Anyone reading this blog knows it.

I love that city. We all do.

So let's all be EXTRA HAPPY today! If not for our own sake, then for the sake of Jerusalem! Be happy! It's a good day! Eat a blue and white cupcake! Go lion taming!

Although - no one can tame our lion! We roar, we growl ferociously at anyone who tries to take our city away!

Okay, thank you for listening, you may all go about your daily business now. :D

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Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Daily Business? Its Yom Yerushalayim! (ok, I went to work)

I remember calling my parents on Yom yerushalayim morning when I was in yeshiva for the year (or 2)...after having spent the night dancing down to the kotel. It was like I *had* to call...what a special moment it was.

And then I moved here. So you can relive it, every single day, again, afresh, renewed.