Monday, June 16, 2008


Adrenaline. It's the juice that flows through our veins, the energy that pushes us forward, the sweat on our brow, the wheels in our head. Ideas come in a flash - you have to grab them! You have to catch them! Because as quickly as they come, they slip away. And sometimes you want to do something but you just don't have the energy. You know you should be doing something, but you can't find the willpower.

Someone once told my dad that to be a writer you need two things and talent is the second one. The first is persistence. I'm sure that's true with anything you do. Any talent, any ability, any sport, any profession - any activity at all requires persistence. You can have all the G-d given talent in the world but without persistence, without practice, without holding onto that adrenaline, it goes nowhere.

Even within Judaism - how many times does it happen that on Rosh Hashana you decide you're going to be more careful about x or spend more time doing y? How often does that actually last?

Adrenaline usually comes when you're first inspired to do something. But how do you make sure you don't lose that inspiration? How do you hold onto that adrenaline so that you have it always? How do you avoid getting burnt out? How do you avoid giving into the laziness that creeps up, as it always does, and tempts you to just give in?

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Why do I have a sneaking suspicion you're thinking about the story? I told you I'd stalk you... :-) Love Avital