Friday, May 30, 2008

"Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted" - said by somebody

Everyone always says that cheesy line about making each day count. I'll admit, I have noticed that the days when I'm most inclined to feel down and depressed are the ones on which nothing happens. It isn't as though something occurrs to upset me, but rather, nothing occurrs to make me feel good about my day. I suppose you can say it's a rather blah sort of day.

The natural solution to this problem would be to make sure to do something productive on each day. Do a piece of homework. Read a book. Help somebody. Learn something. Accomplish something. I know I always feel so good at the end of the day if I wrote a paper or was able to cross something off my to-do list (er, I don't actually have a to-do list, it's just an expression but I'm sure you get my gist).

But I've also discovered that there are other forms of being productive. There's such a thing, in my opinion, as being productive to yourself. You may not have something physical at the end of the day to show for it, but if you do something that makes you a happier, more fulfilled person - that, too, is productive. I don't mean doing something super life-changing. I mean...going to the park with friends. Going to the park by yourself. Exploring. Writing. Thinking. Discovering. Figuring things out. These are all simple yet important ways to be productive, even though, at the end of the day, someone might ask you, "so...what did you do today?" and you might shrug and say, "oh, nothing really." But you did do something. You enjoyed yourself. You had fun. You had a great day. You were happy to be alive.

I think that as long as on each day you're happy to be alive, that's accomplishing something. On days when you feel like there's nothing going for you, that's when it's depressing. If you've done nothing but sit around indoors by yourself, wasting away, that's counterproductive. If you sit around indoors but you're with friends and you do something as seemingly unproductive as watch a movie together...that's actually quite productive. You're having bonding time with your friends. That's very important, too. And if you watch a movie on your own but it teaches you something valuable, or if you read a book and gain a greater understanding of the world, or of yourself, that's immensely valuable. Not everything has to be physical, or be for someone else, in order for it to be productive. You don't have to show something at the end of the day in order to have made that day count. If you were happy to be alive that day, it more than counted. If you learned anything, it was productive. If you felt like a good person, it was important. If you had fun, it was an experience.

I think life is an adventure. The more we see it for its littlest, most minute possibilities, the happier we'll be, even if we have nothing physical, like a piece of homework, to show for it - maybe especially if we have nothing to physically show.

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