Friday, May 23, 2008


Being a good friend is tiring.

Take that as you will.

(This is especially true when packing is involved)

P.S. if you had 22 plastic spoons, what would you do with them? Does anyone want 22 plastic spoons?


SJ said...

Having a good friend is unbelievably amazing.

Take that as you will.

(This is especially, extremely, and utterly true when packing is involved.)

P.S. If I had 22 plastic spoons, I would use them as microphones to sing songs from random musicals. Then I would see if they're any good for cutting tape.

Anonymous said...

Use for 22 plastic spoons:

Needed: masking tape, a table, 22 plastic spoons, jelly, a nice white wall

1. Position table about 15 feet from nice white wall
2. Tape edge of handle of spoons to table, the bowl side over air
3. fill bowl of spoons with jelly
4. press gently down on edges of jelly-filled bowls of spoons in rapid succession
5. admire squishy sound and colorful sight

For best results, use many flavors jelly in a pattern. Keep spoons close together. With practice, you can aim them to create patterns of your own design.

Note: only for practice in facilities which you will be evacuating immediately.

Scraps said...

That would be 22 plastic spoons I could use instead of real ones! 22 fewer spoons to wash! Excellent. :-D

Stam said...

22 bowls of cereal.
22 cups of coffee

or 11 mornings of one bowl of cereal one cup of coffee