Friday, May 16, 2008

How not to write an English paper

Everyone is always wondering, "how do I become a better writer?" "How can I write better English papers?"

This post is not going to tell you about any of that.

It will, however, instruct you in the "don'ts" of English paper writing.

1. Don't ignore your paper. If it tries to get your attention, give it all you've got! If it doesn't, you show it who's boss!

2. Don't sit at the computer screen and stare until you're too mesmerized to think of anything but shiny computer screens.

3. Don't do work for other classes that aren't due before your paper.

4. Don't watch movies.

5. Don't read books that don't pertain to your paper, even if they're really fun. Even if they're The Phantom Tollbooth (no, reading the scenes in Dictionopolis does not count as helping you with your paper, even if they are all about words).

6. Don't talk to people on gchat.

7. Don't read emails.

8. Don't hang out in the caf.

9. Don't make top ten lists.

10. Don't write in your blog.

One day, I'll learn to practice what I preach.

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SJ said...

Nuthing Lik a Payper
(Grat list!)


"eh, wi do i kep geting Fs?

(beekuz mi ferst naym is prkrastinayshin)"