Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World Record!

So I'm sitting here watching the Olympics and wondering...

Basically every swim race I've seen tonight has included a whole bunch of world record breaking.

Does it cheapen the world record to have it so easily broken time after time after time?

Y'know something? I feel left out. Everyone else is breaking world records - why can't I?

Erachet! Broken the world record yet again! Hurrah!


Bad4 said...

It just happens to be one guy, Phelps, who is an amazing swimmer, who keeps breaking the records. I imagine people will have more trouble breaking the ones he's made. At some point, it's just impossible for a human to be faster, better, stronger, etc. Sports scientists say that we're reaching that point really fast, so you'll have to find a record to break soon, before it's too late.

M said...

Heh heh. Don't worry- write a book that'll win a Pulitzer, then you'll be happy. :)