Thursday, August 21, 2008

G-chekle And Hide

For any of you who don't know me in person, I'm just letting you know now, I'm pretty shy. If I ever do meet any of you in person and don't talk to you for a while, it's not because I don't want to. It's just because I can't bring myself to.

The funny thing is, however, I'm not really shy at all when it comes to talking on the internet. Okay, I shouldn't say I'm not at all, but there's a significant difference.

So what is it about the internet that makes it possible for me to have this double persona? Why is it that gchatting on the internet is not as frightening as speaking to someone in person?

Case in point: today was the JBlogger convention in Israel. I was in the chatroom for a while and had no problem at all saying whatever was on my mind. If that chat room had been an actual room with everyone talking in real life, I would have been hiding in a corner and completely forgotten about.


A. How does one overcome such a weakness of character?

B. What is really so different about gchatting and speaking in real life that I should be so shy of one and so much less so of the other?


Diana said...

I entirely disagree with you about shyness being a weakness in character.

Freeda said...

shyness a trait of a jew- we're bayshanim, rachmanim, and gomlei chasadim- but of couse, everything im moderation. When shyness is negatively affecting you and your relationships, or lack of them- it's not so good- IMHO. And I think, we're all afraid of different things. One thing that most of us share is fear of rejection and failure- I know that's held me back from meeting many ppl. But online, it's like, hey, i don't really know this person, and if they don't like me who really cares, it doesn't come across as such a personal insult cuz on can always justify his/herself by saying- if they REALLY knew me, they wouldn't say/think that about me- does this make sense?