Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sometimes, blogging is a struggle. I have so much to say, but often feel incapable of expressing it. And I start to feel like every post of mine has to be perfect, you know? It's like the curse of the perfectionist. And I often wonder who out there is really listening, anyway. I feel this need to write, to share myself and my opinions with the world because I want to be heard. Who doesn't want to be heard? Who doesn't want to feel like they can make a difference, even on a small level? Who doesn't want to feel like what they say matters? But that desire to be heard also comes with a lot of stage fright and fear. Who would want to listen to me? What do I have to say that hasn't been said a thousand times before? Why would people care about what I think? I'm just a random little nobody with no credentials for having my opinions on any matter actually mean anything. And what if people lose respect for me because of something I say or something I don't know? I'm not even talking about risky opinion type things. Even just regular stuff. It's so much safer to remain quiet and listen to everyone else than to speak up or write something and risk regretting it.

But...I want to write.


SuperRaizy said...

We want you to write, also. You're a talented writer, and I am always interested in reading your posts.

corner point said...

You *should* write. You have great things to say.

And anyway, opinions are opinions--they're neither wrong nor right, and you don't need credentials for them. The world is all about people connecting and learning from one another thru communication, and you happen to be doing just that! So don't you dare think of stopping, girl, ya hear??


Bad4 said...

Who's listening? Not us... Rest assured. We just come here to look at the pictures.

Frayda said...

I think you have great perspectives on life. Thanks for writing!