Sunday, August 31, 2008

Top Ten Highlights Of The Week

1. Baking cookies with D2 (or, rather, eating D2's freshly baked cookies) and bringing them to the security guards downstairs

2. Beating SJ in Boggle :)

3. Writing bad poetry with SJ and the Apple

4. Our wild west poetry teacher looking for a board marker, not finding one, and muttering, "Heck!"

5. Our poetry teacher going around the room asking us our names and why we are taking the class. When my turn came around I said, "I'm Erachet, I'm an English Lit. major, and...I've done a lot of creative writing on my own."
"Really?" he asked, interested. "What sort of writing?"
"Well, mostly short stories but also some poetry. And, er, a lot of just...random blurbs."
"Well, that's poetry, too, you know!" my teacher exclaimed.
"Er, uh, well, they're more like beginnings or middles to random short stories," I explained hesitantly.
"Oh," he said, now looking at me as though I was a bit slow. "Those are called drafts."
Then a bunch of people laughed.
"Oh," I said. "Yeah. I write drafts."

6. Beginning a whole new year of adventurizing with SJ!

7. Beginning a new school year as the Apple's roommate :)

8. Getting five pages from my lit. and philosophy teacher about how to write a one page response (BRING IT!)

9. My 18th Century Satire class taught by my Gothic Novel teacher from last semester - and the funky book we're gonna read later called Tristram Shandy. It sounds sooooo....bizarrely cool.

10. School Books Buying: Survival Of The Fittest. It's a dog eats dog world out there in Barnes and Noble...


the apple said...

Did you notice that no matter what subject someone said she majors in, he connected it to poetry somehow? Like, really psychology is a form of poetry! And bio!

Erachet said...

Yes! I'd like to see him try and make chemical engineering poetic. Or economics. Or something.

The only poem I know about chemistry goes something like,

"Little Johnny was no more
'Cause what he thought was H20
Was really H2SO4"

Something like that, anyway.

the apple said...

I think that definitely qualifies as bad poetry.

Bad3 said...

That's an awful poem. It must have been written by an engineer.

I wrote bad poetry too that night... :-( Honorable mention?