Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not On The Same Page

(This text-message conversation took place in the middle of Tisha b'Av while I was looking for one of my favorite books to read)

Me: Did I lend you To Kill A Mockingbird to bring to camp?
Mavis (my brother): No u didnt give me any dvds
Me: Lol! It's a book.
Mavis: O

(It also happens to be a movie, but shhhh. And I don't own the movie, anyway)

By the way, anyone who reads this blog and has not yet read To Kill A Mockingbird or doesn't remember it at all - READ IT. That's your summer reading homework from Erachet - and I hear a lot of people thought Erachet was "teacher" scrambled. Well, I suppose it is, but that's not what I meant when I made the name Erachet. :) But I'm still giving y'all summer reading! It's a smooth, easy read and is probably one of the best books ever written.


~ Sarah ~ said...

excellent book. enjoyed it so much even though we had to analyse it in year 8. has a lot of good lessons.

Stam said...

my fav book :) movie is good too.
husband thought it was teacher scrambled. :)

corner point said...

Ah...you *do* have good taste in books, dontcha?

My favorite line from the film:
"Whah d'ya call 'im Atticus?"
"Becahs Jehm does..."
Scout has the most adorable accent!