Friday, July 20, 2007

Gullible's Travels

Sometime tonight, my parents were discussing how I am gullible (I am, by the way. Very). In the course of the short conversation, my dad commented, "Isn't there a book called Gullible's Travels?"
My mom and I both laughed and corrected him.
"No, Abba, It's Gulliver's Travels."
But then I thought, hmm, Gullible's Travels would make a very funny parody of Gulliver's Travels and, come to think of it, Gulliver is rather gullible...
And that was when I remembered my English teacher from Survey of English Lit. II saying that Gulliver was supposed to sound like 'gullible.'
And then I just felt satisfied that everything seemed to be in order in the world.
Thank God for English classes.


Chana said...

Yes, I did my paper on "Gullible Gulliver and Candid Candide."


Scraps said...

LOL! Cute, very cute...