Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eye To Eye

The young man stood before the mirror, gazing at his own reflection. He was tall and broad-shouldered, his eyes a clear blue, his dark hair slicked back with globs of hair gel. His blue jeans were faded and ripped at the knee - his own doing from years of wear. He seemed confident, self-aware, the type of guy who had a lot going for him. And yet, that was not the person he saw in the mirror.

No. Reflected back at the young man was a small boy, his face pale, his blue eyes big and round. His dark hair was not gelled back but hung limply around his face, like a stage curtain he could pull closed at any small warning.

Some say that mirrors show us our true souls - who we really are inside. Ghosts, vampires - they do not have reflections because they have no souls. And the young man, he was only a young man in body. His soul, well, it was still growing up.

As he stared down at his reflection, the young man sighed and tried not to despair, hoping with all his might that one day - one day he would truly be able to look in the mirror and see himself as the man he yearned to be, standing tall, eye to eye.


Scraps said...

Most of us would see a very different self if we looked in such a mirror. We may be able to fool the rest of the world, and sometimes we can even fool ourselves, but the truth remains.

squirrel said...

I actually heard that when people look into our eyes, they can see our neshamos, but when you look at yourself in a mirror, you can't see your own neshama. I don't think a mirror reflects those kinds of things, but I'm sure there are others who say you can see deeper stuff in a mirror.
I think what your point was really that what we see in the mirror reflects what we feel about ourselves and our souls, and not necessarily soul translated as it usually is...