Saturday, May 5, 2007

Secular Education

So today at the shabbat table, we had a discussion about the chareidi world and secular education. There are a lot of chareidim which ban secular education from their schools because they don't want their children exposed to ANYTHING. They basically sit all day and learn and have no skills to support themselves in the outside world. What I want to know is, why? I mean, I understand that there is this concept that some of B'nei Yisrael learns and some work, and I also understand how people can say, "Hashem will provide" but then again, we aren't living in the desert, we aren't receiving man, we can't not put in any hishtadlut of our own! I just don't understand how people can completely cut themselves off from the world and then expect to raise large families with numerous children in a healthy environment. How can they afford to sit all day and learn when their children need to eat? Need stimulation of some sort? Learning can't be for everyone, either. What happens if there is a kid who just is not a learner? Is he forced to spend every hour learning anyway, so he can get a good shidduch and so he doesn't disgrace his family? And what about the women who have to support their entire family? Isn't it a strain?

I guess it's a world I just don't understand. I mean, they do manage, somehow.

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