Friday, September 19, 2008


Sometimes you look into mirrors and see yourself, but there are other people in the background. Sometimes you look into windows to see someone else, but there it is again, your reflection, very dim but still there. You can "walk in someone else's shoes," you can take a look from someone else's point of view, but you are still yourself. You will always be yourself. You can't not be you.

Events happen in your life, yet you are still you. You try to understand other people, but you do it with a bias called "yourself." Even if you look straight into someone else's eyes, your reflection will still be there.

I guess we have a choice. Do we see things as merely reflections of ourselves or are we able to see them as windows to someone else, or somewhere else, or something else.

Maybe this is reserving judgment. We can't get rid of ourselves, but we can see past ourselves. The world does not have to be a mirror. It can be a window, with just our dim reflection in the background - there, but not impeding on our vision to the rest of everything.

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