Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Am The Cheese

I stole the theme of this poem, and the title of this post, from an actual book called I Am The Cheese. I read the book in junior high and don't remember it too well but I remember really liking it. In any case, I liked the idea too much not to steal it. It's not like this poem is getting published anyway so I don't really mind that I took the idea from somewhere else. Sometimes writing serves more purposes than just to write something original and good. Depends what you're writing for.

I Am The Cheese

The farmer chops wood
From the trees in the dell
The dog runs to greet him
The cook rings the bell

The children play tag
And invite me along
I can run very fast
But I get the rules wrong

I help feed the chickens
I help milk the goat
We visit the horses
And chase out the stoat

It's time to eat supper
We all go inside
The cat seeks attention
The others provide

The blue sky turns orange
Then purple, then black
We get in pajamas
And sneak one last snack

The farm in the dell
Shuts the light, goes to bed
Though by candle we children
Tell stories instead

Then they drift off to sleep
With the cows and the sheep
And the crickets outside
Wake to sing and to weep

They're all one with the world
And the world is all one
They don't mean to exclude
And they don't mean to shun

I slip out to the dell
They won't notice I've flown
Because I am the cheese
And the cheese stands alone.

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