Monday, September 22, 2008


The thing about being ordinary is that there's more than one way to do it. People confused unique with "extraordinary" but it's not true. Most people I know are ordinary, yet they are also all different and I appreciate them all for their differences. But if you asked them, they would say they were completely ordinary and nothing special. Except they are special. Even though they're perfectly ordinary.

The thing about being perfect is that it's impossible and, those who come near to achieving one likes those people. Those people are threatening and patronizing because they live up to these high standards that most ordinary people can't reach. It's better to be an accepted part of society who other people can relate to and, because of that, who can make a difference on most other people, than to live on another plane that no one else can understand. You don't want to be viewed from a distance, even if you're viewed with awe. I think being perfect must be a sort of social/emotional handicap because you can't relate to others and others can't relate to you. So I think we should all be happy with our imperfections and ordinariness that enable us to actually be a part of the rest of society. Maybe then we can have a real impact.


G said...

All I ever wanted was to live a normal life.

When will you wake up? You wuldn't know a normal life if it bit you in the ass.

That's great coming from you.

I played the cards I was dealt, Wyatt. Your problem is you're always trying to play someone else's. Allow me to tell you the truth and thus set you free: Wyatt there is no normal life. There's only life, that's all. Just life. The rest is relative.

Northern Light said...

Nice thoughts. But clearly God builds in SOME imperfections so we'll keep striving.

We're SO imperfect we have to ask
God for forgiveness at least twice a day; we're SO imperfect we have to ask others for forgiveness at least once a year. And, speaking for myself, sometimes I'm SO imperfect that even as I know I'm blowing it, I keep on going, doing the blowing. But I disagree about being happy with ALL our imperfections--some of them are definitely worth working on! L'sahana tova, Erachet!