Monday, September 1, 2008


There is an integral part of clothing that guys seem to have in abundance but that is decidedly missing in many articles of clothing for girls. This is so completely unfair that I think it is time to take a stand. No longer should girls be forced to carry around bags or purses - we want pockets.

Yes. POCKETS. You know, those little sacks inside pants and very few skirts in which to store small items like, say, a cell phone?

The desire for pockets goes way back to the times of Peter Pan, who says:

"Oh what pleasure
She'll bring to us
Make us pockets and sing to us"

But should only boys have pockets? Girls are there to sew them for boys?

Nuh uh. No way. I don't think so.

Things have gotten so bad that the following conversation actually took place this afternoon:

SJ: Purses are so annoying.
Erachet: Yeah. I think we should all advocate for pockets!
Madd Hatter: [completely and utterly serious] Pockets? What are those?

[SJ and I give her a look of astonishment]

Madd Hatter: [slightly confused at the way we are looking at her] No, really! They sound like something I would like!

You heard that right, folks. Us girls are even forgetting what pockets even are! We've got to demand them before it's too late!



~ Sarah ~ said...


hear, hear!

corner point said...

I think I'd also have been confused, having listened in to a conversation that juxtaposed purses with pockets...

All the more for needing to be reacquainted with them!!

Let's have a People for Pockets club!!

Bas~Melech said...

Agreed. It's getting harder and harder to find nice skirts with pockets. Especially formal wear. Men get pockets no matter what they wear.

Freeda said...

As long as the pockets are only on the skirts - pockets are the way to go.

Stam said...

I couldn't agree more!

I only have pockets if i'm wearing a denim skirt, or a hoodie!

And why does my husband, with numerous pockets, hand *ME* the keys, the phone, the wallet to carry in my purse??

frayda said...

But pockets on skirts make hips look bumpy and wide. I would rather carry a purse than add inches to my hips

Ezzie said...

Stam - He's exacting revenge for the rest of us.

SuperRaizy said...

Frayda has a point. I once read an interview with a clothing designer (I forgot which one) in which he said that women's clothes shouldn't have pockets because it disrupts the sleek lines of the clothing and it makes the hips look wider.
I personally don't agree, I like skirts with pockets too.

Erachet said...

Well, sheesh, what are people putting in their pockets???

If you're just going out somewhere where you'll need your phone, a key, and maybe some money just in case...all that can fit quite nicely in pockets if you distribute them the right way. :)

Bad4 said...

I have a friend who wears a sweater in the summer because of the pockets... I hate carrying things, and will resort to hooking things on my belt loops (I know it's unsightly) to avoid carrying a bag. I've also been yelled at for using a knapsack, but that's a different story.

tofuttiQT said...

The denim skirt that I wear almost every day has pockets, but its hard to fit stuff in them except things like my ID card and money because they're so small! But I like purses: they can be really cute!