Monday, October 8, 2007

In which Cicero needs an ego check

Some of you may remember my previous post about Cicero, my brother's goldfish. Well, all the new, little fish that we got to keep Cicero company died within a day. It was really very depressing. After that, we decided to clean the tank - but this was no easy affair. First of all, there is this suction tube thing that we have to use to suction out a lot of the dirty water from the tank (this way, we don't have to take the fish out). What you do is you put one end in the tank, one end in a buckey, and, voila, bye bye dirty water! Easy, right? Nope! In order for the tube to start getting the water out, you have to start the suction by using your mouth and sucking on it like a straw. Now, it's a very long tube and there shouldn't be any problems - but, well, this is me we're talking about. There always seem to be problems. The very first time I did it, my mom was in there with me and I kept sucking on the tube but not hard enough because I kept getting scared that I was going to suck up the actual water. Well, finally, I sucked really hard - and got a mouthful of dirty fish water! I quickly spat it out and ran to wash out my mouth. It was so gross!

After we got the water out, I started to put clean water in but, since there was still some dirty water in there, and since the gravel was still dirty, it just clouded up all the clean water. So finally Trademark decided we should take out the fish and redo the whole tank. And this was after I had, by this point, gotten two mouthfuls of fish water. Nasty.

So, fine. We took out the fish, poured out the dirty gravel, scrubbed the tank until it was spotless, and then realized we didn't have enough new gravel to cover the whole bottom of the tank. So we had to go to the pet store and get new gravel. There, we decided to look for some bigger fish to put in the tank with Cicero, since he was probably very lonely all by himself all day (so we figured). The guy in the pet store said it probably wasn't a good idea to put another fish in the tank with Cicero because he was probably very territorial by this point. But we all thought, a goldfish? How nasty could a goldfish get? I mean, it's just a goldfish.

Little did we know, let me tell you.

We didn't end up getting new fish then, but today, my parents and siblings went out to do various errands and came back with a new goldfish, but this one wasn't teeny tiny like the other one had been (who had died along with the itty bitty swordfish and two other fish from my previous post). It was pretty normal sized, a bit smaller than Cicero is now.

Well, as soon as my mom put the new fish into the tank, Cicero went nuts! He started darting around, all agitated, and then began chasing the new fish. I actually took video of it on my camera. It was insane!

Oh Cicero, Cicero. What are we going to do with you?


Scraps said...

Oh dear. I've never heard of such a troublesome goldfish! Good luck...

Princess said...

Dude, that Cicero is one psychotic fish . . . wow.
And, post the video!!

haKiruv said...

LOL Erachet:

You're so funny.

You don't have to suck on the tube! You use that method if you have no liquid to prime with and don't want to pollute what you're filling up. Like if you were syphoning gasoline.

Here's what you do. You hold both ends of the pump upwards and close to each other, making a loop shape of the hose hanging downwards. Now, fill the tube with water, while hanging on to the ends. Hold your thumb over the end that is placed in the bucket for drainage. Fill the other suction end(the bigger end) with water, and get as much air out of the pump as possible(you probably just want to place the suction end in the tank and fill it up that way by scooping). You won't get all the air out of the tube, but that's ok, it'll still work later if you have enough.

That should prime the pump.

With one hand now holding the suction end in the water, place the other end that you're plugging with your thumb into the bucket and release your thumb.

That should get the pump working and you're now cleaning the tank. No need for a mouth full of fishy poo water.

Anonymous said...

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