Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rather Spiritless

Sometimes I try so hard to think of something to write, that I completely block myself off from writing anything at all. It's weird - I find that writing takes as much not-thinking as it does thinking. You almost have to actively not think about what you're going to write. But when I feel pressure to write - when I'm writing because I ought to, it's harder to slip into that writing state of mind because I'm thinking too much. And then I just get frustrated and want to take a break from my not-writing. But I suppose, during moments like those, what I really wish to take a break from is thinking about writing.* Not the actual writing. I never want to not write.

I guess I just don't always want to think.**

*Perhaps this is why the things I write at the last minute tend to come out better than those that I work on for a while. At the last minute, there isn't time for thinking.
**The question, I suppose, is - how do I get back in the mood for writing?

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