Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Different Kind Of IQ

(You may print this out to take or use a separate sheet of paper)

1. Read everything before doing anything.

2. Put your name in the upper right hand corner.

3. Circle the word “name” in sentence 12.

4. Write the date in all capital letters in the upper left corner of this page.

5. Draw five small squares under your name.

6. Put an X in each square you drew.

7. Put a circle around each square.

8. Put a circle around all of sentence 7.

9. Put an X under your last name.

10. On the back of this paper multiply 733 by 419.

11. Draw a rectangle around the larger of the two numbers in sentence 10.

12. Loudly call out your first name when you read this so your teacher can see who got this far.

13. If you think you have followed directions carefully up to this point, call out, “I have!”

14. On the back of this page, add 109.34, 1984 and 8965.

15. Put a circle around your answer, then a square.

16. Count from one to ten backward in a normal speaking voice.

17. Punch three small holes in the top of this page with your pencil point.

18. If you are the first person to get this far, call out, “I am number one!”

19. Write the numbers from 1 to 10 on the line. Underline all even numbers.

20. Say aloud, “I am almost finished.”

21. Now that you have finished reading carefully, do only sentences 1 and 2.

...If you have failed this test, I highly recommend you try paying more attention to directions. :)


LittleBirdies said...

One of my highschool teachers gave this to us the first day of school. It was funny to hear people calling out answers in the middle of class, when they weren't even supposed to be answering them.

Princess said...

See, this is funny, and its a good way to test if people follow instructions, but I also feel like it's a little mean. It embarrasses the people who don't follow instructions.

Anonymous said...

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