Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time Out

Over time, there have been a few people I've told about my blog - mostly because they asked me if I had one or not and I didn't see any reason to deny it. And their immediate next question has always inevitably been, "Really?! Wow. What is your blog about?"


I never know how to answer that one because, the truth is, my blog isn't about anything. It's like Seinfeld - a blog about nothing (and, uh, there the resemblance stops). I just kind of write whatever pops into my head. I can't think of a single adjective to describe my blog except, well, random. Is it funny? Not entirely. Is it serious? Not entirely. Is it philosophical? Is it clever? Is it boring? Is it strange? I don't know. It's probably a little bit of all these things. I don't write about current events. I don't write about sports. I don't write about politics. I don't really discuss Jewish issues or Israel - and when I do, it's from a personal angle. I don't dabble in controversy. I'm not particularly thought-provoking or intellectual. I'm not philosophically engaging.

So...what am I, then? If this blog is not any of the above, it's got to be something, hasn't it? Is that it - just random? Is there any point to this thing? Does anyone even really like reading it? Am I writing to anyone or just myself really? Do my words fall on deaf ears?

Um...raise your hand if you're still reading?


Shimon said...

I must first say that I really really enjoy your blog. Some of your posts are very poignant resonate with me very deeply.

Having said that and clearly taking you very seriously, if I had to describe your blog in one word - Cute - would definitely be it.

Erachet said...

Cute?! :P

Thanks, though.

Erachet said...

Just out of curiosity, which kind of posts resonate with you?

Shimon said...

great, now you've got me rereading your posts from the last six months trying to remember what i was referring to exactly...
i think the "Helplessly Shy" post is a good representative

Ari said...

The old-age home posts were great.

As for what the the blog is about
-- I imagine it's a public diary, take it or leave it, right?

Erachet said...

Shimon - Oh, helplessly shy. Ah, yeah... :)

Ari - Thank you. And public diary sounds about right. Though I hope not in an over-sharing way. That would be rather embarrassing. :P

the apple said...

I read your blog continuously; I just don't *always* have what to say - mostly because nothing needs to be added.

RaggedyMom said...

Goonies never stop blogging!

Er, maybe just harried mommies do. Although I am coming back soon.

To sum up, keep it up over here - I always know I'll see something that makes me smile thinking about how 'you' it is. Gosh, when did I grow up and become overly cheesy?!

Ezzie said...

I'd go with diary, and I'm still reading. :)

I still like the rejected post among the best, among a few others.

Anonymous said...

Who knows who is reading?

Or who will? You're populating web crawlers like Google with content. Your question "Do my words fall on deaf ears?" is one of only seven copies of that exact question according to the Google search results list I was just shown.