Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay, what is the deal with dreams? I happen to be very prone to extremely vivid dreams and even kind of scary dreams, so after a few odd ones lately, I started to get a little fed up. Some dreams make sense in their nonsensical dream way, and some are just random and silly, but some are darker and/or scarier and/or more serious and yet totally unconnected to anything I would be thinking, even subconsciously. So why do I (we?) dream things that seem to be so wholly unrelated to anything that would make sense? And what are dreams, anyway? Are they complete nonsense or is there anything, even the smallest bit, to them? I'm not asking this rhetorically - does anyone know? Or does anyone know any way to find out?


Northern Light said...

A dream is a wish your heart makes? A dream is something you daven about while the kohanim chant? A dream is your subconscious mind working out the day's problems in a weird way? A dream is a bunch of chemicals and synapses firing in a way humans don't understand?

SJ said...

Wow, NL, put in line breaks and that comment could have come straight out of our poetry class--right, Erachet?