Monday, October 27, 2008

The Party With Lots Of Ice Breaking But No Ice Cream

It occurred to me that, this being a public blog, I may have more readers than the four of you who comment, and being a curious person, I'm infinitely interested in finding out more about you! You don't have to participate, but I'd love it if you all would!

And the four of you who I know read this, you can answer, too :)

So, here goes:

1. How did you find my blog?
2. If you could pick your accent, which accent would you pick?
3. If you were a pirate, what would you call yourself?
4. What is the current soundtrack to your life?
5. What would you prefer your soundtrack to be?
6. What is your favorite animal cracker?


M.R. said...

1. You telled me where it was, and I goed to it, and there it was!

2. *Definitely* Strench (a.k.a. Strongbadian, as modified by Apt. Fife Bee).

3. Nobeard? Yeah, I think I'd have to go with Nobeard.

4. "For W are Strench"

5. I don't think my soundtrack can be improved upon. *DELETED* I don't think that my soundtrack is one upon which improvements could ever be made.

6. Rabbits. Totally, rabbits.

M.R. said...


4. "For We are Strench"

tofuttiQT said...

1. From one of the other jblogs i foregt which one

2. I like my NY accent!

3. Diamond Cutter

4. Ummm...probably yeshiva boys choir

5. The l'cha video

6. Yuck. No chocolate, no way

Ezzie said...

1) You commented.
2) South African.
3) Ezzie.
4) Crying children.
5) Quiet/laughing children.
6) Lion or Hippo.

Shimon said...

1) from a link on Chana's blog

2) indifferent

3) Shimmy Cocoa Puffs

4) Hedwig's Theme

5) Camelot

6) Rhino

LittleBirdies said...

1. I don't remember which blog I saw your link on, but I think I read a comment of yours and followed it.

2. I love Australian and South African accents, but couldn't imagine it on me. I hate the deep NY accents.

4. Something really fast

5. Something that's relaxing and and a bit slower paced

6. Any as long as it's not missing body parts.

Stam said...

1. fellow serandez poster :)
2. pirate (no not really)
3. OMG i didnt even read this question before i answered #2! Unfortunately, i am not creative enough to answer that.
4. these questions are too hard
6.elefant. i bit the trunk off first, then the feet.

RaggedyMom said...

1. Were you unaware that this blog is on our high school alumna newsletter recommended reading list?

2. All-out Rocky and Bullwinkle Russian accent -- must . . . fit . . . in

3. RaggedyMom would make a decent pirate name

4. Mommmmeeeeeeee!!!!! I neeeeeed youuuuuu!!!!!

5. Waves hitting the shore on a beach somewhere far, far away

6. Mom always gets the animal limb remnants at the bottom of the jar. Besides, I've spent so much time trying to convince them that they all taste the SAME. I'd be a total hypocrite to pick one now, but ... the camels really are the best.

Stam said...

oh oh oh oh i thought of a soundtrack. though im not sure if its for current or what i wish it was. you decide ;)

"i dont wanna grow up, im a toys r us kid"

pobody's nerfect. said...

1. I was unsuccessful at dodging the draft. IOW, you made me do it!!

2. Texas drawl

3. Pirate? Feh! I'm a Viking!

4. Here comes the bride... oh wait, more like "Od Yishama". And a constantly ringing alarm clock.

5. Wedding music is fine. Just let it come already!

6. So here's the deal with animal crackers: there are two kinds- the good ones and the yeshivish ones. (obviously erachet would eat the latter.) The good ones are pressed flat and have deep grooved lines delineating the animal's characteristics. The yeshivish ones are just puffy blobs and kind of all look like some nondescript dog-horse-kangaroo thing.
obviously, i pay attention to my cookies.

Erachet said...

I totally eat the good kind of animal crackers and, while we're on the subject, why are animal crackers DAIRY?!?!?! At least, the ones we have in my house are!

corner point said...


1) Good question. Probably from another blog--maybe Scraps or SerandEz or Chana

2) English! So that my English friends would quit making fun of my brave stab at imitating them...

3) I would call myself Razor-sharp Spiky Point. But everyone else would probably just call me Tiny.

4) A homemade iTunes mix of random songs I've loved since I was a kid till now

5) A mix of random songs that senses my mood and changes accordingly. Cool...

6) Now *THIS* is a hard one. Not the giraffes, cuz their heads always broke off in the box/bag before I got to them. Probably the elephants. But I had a method for each animal--which body parts were eaten off first. Those skinny horse legs were the worst...

Erachet, this was hilarious! Do another one, please! Oh, and can you give your answers?