Monday, July 21, 2008

The Problem With Drawers

Drawers are like black holes. You put things in them and then never see those things again until a year or two later when you decide to clean out your drawers. You have a pile of various papers you want to save for various reasons and that you're hoping to see again or even - GASP - use (like stacks and stacks of plain lined paper or printer paper) but as soon as you put them away, zap! Just like that - they're gone! It is inevitable that drawers without actual appliances in them that are used on a regular basis (like cell phone or ipod chargers) will never, ever get opened unless you're cleaning them out. So unless you plan on cleaning out your drawers every day, say goodbye to anything you stick inside them because whatever it is and however important it may be, it'll slip right out of both sight and mind once you shut it inside that drawer.

The other problem with drawers are people who actually pronounce the silent '-er' at the end. Weirdos.


RaggedyMom said...

You have just totally described about 2/3s of the draw(er)s in our place. Also, there was that whole weird controversial megeirot movement that A Mother in Israel was blogging about where you solve your life problems by cleaning out draw(er)s.

The only people I know who pronounce all the letters of the word draw(er) are from foreign countries like Russia, Ohio, or Maryland. Fortunately, I have a degree in teaching English as a second language, and tutor at a quasi-affordable rate.

Ezzie said...


Also, drawers are nothing. You should try a living room.

SuperRaizy said...

I'll tell you the secret for not losing those pieces of paper. Put them in the most ridiculous place you can think of (in the fridge, on top of the ironing board...) Within a few days, you'll spot them and say "Now what is that doing there?" and you will put those papers where they really should belong.