Friday, July 18, 2008

Nocturnal Poetry


When the sun comes up to rise

It means it's time for bed

And though the world is waking up

I'd like to rest my head.

I know it's sort of backwards

But there's nothing I can do

I like to stay up all night long

While G-chatting with you!

If you don't like my schedule

Don't share such things with me

You do not have to follow it

But let me please be free

I'll eat lunch when it's dinner

I'll eat breakfast when it's noon

Supper is a midnight snack--

I run my own saloon

So go ahead, sleep when it's night

And stay awake all day

I'll do precisely what I like

That's all I have to say.


Work work work all day

But playing all night long

Is how I like to spend my time

And so I sing this song

I color in the sunset using

Watercolor paint

I toss some glitter to the sky

So stars do not get faint

I like to play the nighttime games

Sit at the twilight bar

Ride on the midnight carousel

Strum evening's guitar

I like to chase the flitting moths

Catch lightening bugs by hand

Build castles using Sandman's dust

Explore the shadowland

But when the sun begins to rise

The dark sky fades to red

All nighttime friends go home at once

It's time to go to bed.

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