Wednesday, February 17, 2010


One drop of a drizzle
One drizzle of a rain storm
One glint of sunlight in a deep puddle on the street
One shallow footprint in the hardening snow
White-out world, gray sky frozen fog
Silent moans through the empty rustling trees
Numb fingers, numb face, squished toes
Hat itches
Sand in your head, muffled thoughts
Feeling strikes - burning
Flames of blood churning
Wind blows
Knocked over in the snow
Grip ice
Get up.

1 comment:

Tehila said...

Don't tell me, you fell down in the snow. And made a poem out of it. That's really cute. The flames of blood bit- did you injure yourself when you fell or were you just blushing? I hope the rest of your winter is more enjoyable, though!