Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Balloon

The balloon kept wanting to go up. The little girl tugged on the string. No, she said. Mine. The balloon sailed obligingly along beside her as she walked, bobbing up and down. They stepped through bushes, the little girl's shoes crunching on green and brown brush on the ground. A clearing opened up before them, green world bursting forth in a rush of twitting blades of grass. Dandelion laughter twinkled in the air and the girl grinned under the expansive sky. The wind whirled around the girl and her balloon, swirling them up. May I have this dance? asked the wind. Why, of course you may! the girl curtsied and giggled, jumping up and letting go the string. The wind swept up the balloon and it drifted slowly upward, away away away. Goodbye, Balloon! The little girl jumped up and down, waving.

Look! A college girl pointed to a red balloon slowly ascending above buildings, past her window on the 26th floor. Make a wish! said a mother. The girl wished. Her wish filled the balloon as just that wish could, and she watched the balloon until it was only a dot in the crystal sky, and then could be seen no more.

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