Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Comes Around

Today, in honor of Mother's Day, we went to visit my grandparents. A large part of visiting my grandparents usually includes listening to my grandfather tell stories from his past. Today we got on the subject of his meeting my grandmother.

"And then we went on our first Radio City Music Hall. They only played cinema back then."

"Wait a minute," said my dad. "Radio City Music Hall? Wasn't our first date at Radio City Music Hall?"

"Yes," my mom nodded. "We went to a concert."

Both generations looked a bit taken aback at their having gone to the same place on their first dates. And my grandfather asked my grandmother out at a social event in the Upper West Side. My own parents met that way, as well.

That was cool thing #1.

Cool thing #2 was when my grandfather was talking about first coming to America from England. He was waiting on line to be officially accepted into the country and the person behind him asked if he had any family there. My grandfather said yes, on 181st street. That was where he was going.

Immediately I thought of going to hear Ezzie's speech about his Jewish Economics Survey (if you don't read Ezzie's blog, that's this survey, which you should take!) and getting out of the subway at the 181st street stop. That's Washington Heights. That's where I'm (hopefully) going to be living next year. And that's where my grandfather first started in this country.

It's just funny the way things change...and the way they stay exactly the same, too. Ma'aseh avot siman l'banim, huh? :)


pobody's nerfect. said...

so basically if a guy offers to take you to the Radio City Music Hall, you know it's basheret.

Ezzie said...

Funny, I said "don't assume that means if a guy takes you there on a first date you're marrying him!"