Thursday, May 14, 2009


In a few minutes, SJ, the Apple, and I are going to be leaving for our graduation.

For the past few days, I've been thinking about what I would write on the day of graduation, and nothing too inspiring came to mind. I thought about writing a parody to the Les Miserables song, "One Day More" (as some of my friends and I used to do when there was one day left of something), but it seemed a bit silly. Then again, perhaps it's worth being silly about graduation?


Then I thought about linking to some posts I wrote recently about growth and maturity. But that seemed overreaching, a bit. I don't want to write something too heavy or overly deep (or too cliche). I'm not valedictorian or anything. :P

So I figure I'll just write, simply, that today is graduation, and that after today I will be a ceremonial graduate of Yeshiva University - but not a real one quite yet because my finals don't start until Sunday (isn't that mean?).

Mazal tov, Class of 2009!


Ezzie said...

Do ceremonial graduations count!? That would be awesome! :)

Oh yeah - CONGRATULATIONS (to all of you)!!!

Frayda said...

Mazal tov! So happy for you!