Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Candidate Can Beat Up Your Candidate!

Otherwise known as...Why Too Many JBlogospherians Are Too Immature To Engage In Political Discussion.

True, I don't read a TON of blogs, but I do read a few. And in the few that I read, nearly every political discussion deteriorates almost from the start into:

"Right-wing racist extremists!"

"I thought liberals were supposed to be tolerant! I guess they only are if you agree with them, huh?"

"Obama is finally bringing us hope again, you racists!"

"Orthodox Jews are racists!"

"Actually, you're racist because you voted for Obama because he's black!"



You all sound like angry children in a schoolyard. And I want to cover my ears until all the screaming stops and you can all talk like civilized adults. And I'm probably the youngest of all of you. I thought maturity comes with age and experience. I guess not.

If you don't believe me, look at the posts and comments here and here, for example. Those aren't the only places, just the ones I'm highlighting. In fact, the only place I haven't seen this kind of fighting since the election on a widely read blog that discusses politics is on SerandEz. Yeah, there have been arguments, but not like THAT.

So what's with all the name calling and the overly dramatic angry shouting, the over generalizing, the insults? Can't people talk about an adult subject with adult maturity? Can't people have a civilized debate? Can't people argue intelligently? Because all those comments just make you guys look really stupid. On both sides. It's like you don't have a more intelligent response than to shout insults and call people "racist" and "extremist."

Do you all have to pay a visit to the principal's office until you can calm down?


Moshe said...

Ah. This is what happens when you mix politics and emotions. In my experience the name-callers are those who do not really know the issues and are simply motivated by emotion.

Princess said...

I think the above comment is correct . . . usually people who don't know the issues resort to name-calling to cover up that fact.
Also, some people refuse to admit that their candidate of choice is not perfect, and therefore refuse to argue the issues because that might poke a hole in their perfect candidate image.

Bad4 said...

Only a moron like you could mistake heated debate for ad hominem attacks! It's people like you who are ruining America and free speech! People with your IQ shouldn't be allowed to vote! You stand against everything the USA stands for! Like freedom of hateful, incoherent speech! You'd be happier if we were under a dictatorship of your chosen candidate, right? Go chew on hot tar!