Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's a twister!

Torando warning where I live!!! Luckily, not where I work and I'm leaving in about twenty minutes. I just hope the trains are working and there are no delays and all. *Sigh*

When I get back from work today, I will write a post about the tornado that invited itself to my bat-mitzvah.


haKiruv said...

Torandos suck. I remember we had this torando warning in the middle of the night when I was little, just to wake up the next morning to find our basement full of torandos. :-D

I'll try to find a link about the tornado that went through my town.

Scraps said...

I heard about the tornado in Brooklyn! I hope no one was hurt...

*snort* to the commuting comment. :-P