Thursday, August 30, 2007

Erachet, Cupboard Under the Stairs, 29th Street, NYC

Friend (11:24:55 PM): cool...whose your roommate?
Erachet (11:24:58 PM): single room! :-D
Friend (11:25:27 PM): wow howd u pull that one off?
Erachet (11:26:41 PM): Schottenstien is all single rooms :P
Friend (11:27:03 PM): oh, suites, or apartment style?
Erachet (11:27:14 PM): um...
Erachet (11:27:21 PM): cupboard under the stairs style


haKiruv said...

I was blessed with a good roommate when I lived in the dorms.

Scraps said...

Hahahaha! I lived in Schott for two years, but I had a "big" room (i.e., one that had enough floor space to [illegally] sleep a friend!). I was in the same room for both years, too, but there was summer housing in between so I didn't get to leave my stuff there.

Ezzie said...


SJ said...

True true true true.