Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overheard On The Bus

Tall, Pimply Girl: I once went into Subway and they didn't have any cheese.
Short, Straight-Haired Girl: No!
TP Girl: Yeah. It was...Kosher and stuff. But still--they should at least have the option! I was so mad. It's Subway. I mean, it's not like--
SSH Girl: Yeah, it's a chain! What does that mean, they didn't have cheese?
TP Girl: It was in this real Jewish neighborhood. But [deleted] it, I want a [deleted] discount if I can't get any cheese!


Diana said...

Toilet paper girl?

Michal S said...

A similar thing happened while I was in the (no longer kosher) Subway around here when it first opened, but I think the guy was baffled/pissed at hearing that the six-inch sandwich he normally paid something like $4.00 for was now double the price. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch.

But while a very small part of me understands TP's confusion, the rest of me is saying, "So go into any other of the gazillion restaurants in a two-block radius where you can buy extremely cheap and tasty food and get your stupid cheese there.

"And also, life's tough sometimes. One day you can't get cheese on your sandwich, the next the Twin Towers are taken down by murderous terrorists. You just have to roll with it, darling."