Monday, August 17, 2009

Forward Motion

Life has a very forward motion feel. That's because time is always moving forward. The world is always spinning on its axis. Day is always turning into night, which then always turns back into day. People get older. They go through stage after stage after stage. Leaves turn colors on the trees. Snow, rain, burning hot sun.

And yet you could be watching it all as a stagnant outsider. The world is spinning fast and you seem to be standing completely still.

So then you decide, "This is it. I won't be a slug on a rock any longer. I'm going to run with the wind!"

And then you're off! You are part of the chase to the finish line, though you don't even know what everyone is chasing after. Yet you chase after it as well because you must in order to keep up.

But suddenly you realize you're running so fast, you can hardly grasp all the places you've run through. They're all a blur to you. You have vague memories of passing by, but that's all.

So you slow down.

The best way, you find, to go through life, is not racing to keep pace with everyone else, but advancing just fast enough, and slow enough, to keep pace with yourself.

Sometimes other people running by jostle you to keep up with them, though.


Lvnsm27 said...

very true we all have our own pace

harry-er than them all said...

"Sometimes other people running by jostle you to keep up with them, though."
amazing point