Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Years Old

Somehow, in the midst of all the Pesach preperations, I passed over the fact that my blog is now two years old. Its real birthday is March 28. Today I thought about how it had to be coming up soon and when I went to check the date of my first post, I thought, "Oh, March 28. Not yet, then." Only later did I realize, "Wait a's April!" Ah well. So happy birthday to my blog.

I think the fact that I forgot about it is a good thing. It's shticky, you know? Does it really matter that my blog has a birthday? Is announcing it just an opportunity to hope for some comments in this comment-less blogworld these days? I think what I'm happy about is that my focus is more on what I am writing than that I am writing. Though this blog is not necessarily devoted to any one topic, nor even devoted only to serious writing, I do think I try to keep it as much myself as possible. I am not only serious or only silly, so neither is my blog.

I actually cannot believe it's been two years. Last March does not seem so long ago. I hope you've all enjoyed so far and found my blog either meaningful or funny or...interesting, at least. I hope there is something for everyone here, from those who like lighter posts to those who like to read more serious, deeper ponderings. As I said in the post below this one, I want someone to be able to read my writing and feel as though I am writing specifically to him/her. Maybe not every post, but sometimes. I think writing is about connecting, which is what makes blogging so much different from, say, facebook or twitter. You think you are connecting on those sites, but do you read someone's twitter and say, "wow, that is so me?" It's a very surface level connection.

I think the connection we make through reading and writing is much, much deeper. There is real human expression involved, real exchange of ideas, real speaking from and to the heart. I have enjoyed this ride so far. I hope you have, too.


Ezzie said...

Aww, look who's two! :)

Something Different said...

I've only just found your blog, but I certainly like it so far. :-)

If you want more comments you should really join the I-love-comments-club ;)

tanwood said...

blog is great. your writing is also great. keep it up!

tanwood said...

oh, i almost forgot....Happy Birthday Blog ! (put a little Mr. DM here)