Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shabbos Is Coming

It's Thursday night at the end of both a long and oddly quick week. I did a lot this week: wrote a lot, worked on editing my thesis, and even went home once. I didn't have my 10:25 morning class at all this week, which was weird. It made each day feel like I didn't have very much class at all (well, because I didn't). But it was nice. It was so great to have a significant amount of time each morning to work on things.

Yet through it all, no matter what happens or doesn't happen during the week, there is always Shabbos at the end of it. A friend said to me at the very beginning of the week, "Shabbos is important." It's important to think about even on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...even before you can say TGIF. No matter what is going on in your life, there will still be Shabbos. Not just the day, but everything that Shabbos brings with it.

No matter what your worries are, your stresses, your difficulties, or even your joys, Shabbos will still be there, like a hug. You can't watch TV, you can't go on your computer, you can't really go anywhere. There are almost no distractions at all. You can actually daven without feeling like you need to be anywhere else. You can finally give people your full attention. You can really spend time with family and friends. You can take a rest from everything in the outside world that is yanking on your sleeve trying to get you to attend to it.

I know it's "only" Thursday, but tomorrow is Friday night. So no matter what any of your weeks have been like, I wish you all an amazing Shabbos.


tanwood said...

another amazingly true and well written essay. have a good, have a GREAT shabbos.

Ezzie said...

May you have a great Shabbos. ;)

corner point said...

Really great post, Erachet.

Great thought....