Saturday, January 17, 2009

Had It

...Had it with distorted truth.
...Had it with lies.
...Had it with pictures that tell a thousand misleading words.
...Had it with truces that aren't real truces.
...Had it with cease fires where the fires never cease.
...Had it with walking on eggshells because the eggshells just prick our feet.
...Had it with betrayal.
...Had it negotiating with enemies any daft pea-brain should know can't be negotiated with.
...Had it with the pressure.
...Had it with giving in to the pressure.
...Had it with being painted as the big bad guy when, for goodness sake, if you look at the whole picture, we're as little as they come.
So here I tell the world - or at least that little pebble in the great wide canyon that is listening - that I--
Have had it.

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G said...

Enjoy the lighthouse