Monday, December 15, 2008

The Questing Beast

Have you ever tried to write a post in invisible ink? There's something thrilling about it, let me tell you. I hide behind these white words because I am afraid to speak, and so I speak only to myself. Yet, funny, I also speak to those clever enough to see that there are words here. But on a blog post I suppose it isn't all that difficult to figure out, seeing as there'll be a big white space with nothing to read right away. If I saw that, I'd immediately highlight to see if there was something hidden. So I suppose I mean, I speak to those who care enough to find my words.

And yet aren't all words really hidden? We speak, but are we seen?

And isn't there always a secret desire to be heard, even when one writes in invisible ink?


pobody's nerfect. said...


Moshe said...

neat - though I probably would not have found it without knowing there were words there (thanks to google reader)

Erachet said...

Yeah, I noticed google reader ruined the whole thing. :P