Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ponderings On A Rainy Day

I sit here by the window and watch the rain drip and slip and slide down the pain, so slick it is as it hits the world below. It's like the world is crying...or is it laughing?

There is nothing I can say, so I'm offering this instead. Often there is more good than just what is obvious. You may hate the rain, but the rain makes the world grow.

Don't gripe. It only fuels a fire too hot to gather round and roast s'mores.

You can cry, but then don't forget that tears come from laughter, too. There's so much bad stuff that happens, why not appreciate all that is good? When you cry, the world cries with you. When you laugh, we can take off our hoods and jump in the puddles.

Life is too serious to be taken too seriously.


Won't anyone jump in the puddles with me?


LittleBirdies said...

My son told me he needs his jumping boots to jump in the puddles. It's fun to watch and sometimes join. He'll be more than happy to join you in your puddle jumping.

SJ said...

Puddle jumping--I'm there! Rock on!!