Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the middle of the night

So really I'm procrastinating by writing this post because I'm supposed to be writing a paper now. But I felt the need to share this with you (mostly because it's something to do other than writing a paper).

First of all, I am so proud of myself because I never made it this far in Dracula before. Last year when I had to read it, I sort of, um, skipped out at a certain point. I just couldn't find time to read it because it had to be either in the middle of the day with lots of people around or not at all, and certainly not before I went to sleep, like when I did the rest of my reading. But this year I have been reading it before I go to bed and, granted, it does not make for a good night's sleep, but I don't even care about that. I just care about the fact that I am not chickening out. Now, sure, I was already in a class that read Dracula so I know what happens. Nothing I'm reading is a surprise to me. But still, it's one thing to know and another to read all the details.

Anyway, I was listening to my itunes the other day and realized that a certain Billy Joel song is just perfect for everyone in Dracula. If it was made into a lighthearted musical, I mean.

In the Middle of the Night

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To the river so deep
I must be looking for something
Something sacred I lost
But the river is wide
And it's too hard to cross

And even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening and stand on the shore
I try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find what I've been looking for

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the valley of fear
To a river so deep
I'm a searcher for something
Taken out of my soul
Something I'd never lose
Something somebody stole

I don't know why I go walking at night
But now I'm tired and I don't wanna walk anymore
Hope it doesn't take the rest of my life
Until I find what it is I've been looking for

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the jungle of doubt
To the river so deep
I know I'm searching for something
Something so undefined
That it can only be seen
By the eyes of the blind
In the middle of the night

I'm not sure about a life after this
God knows I've never been a spiritual man
Baptized by the fire, I wade into the river
That is running to the promised land

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the desert of truth
To the river so deep
We all end in the ocean
We all start in the streams
We're all carried along
By the river of dreams
In the middle of the night
Okay! Now you can all go back to whatever it was you were doing before you decided to waste a precious minute or two that probably should have been spent doing other things reading my nonsense procrastination. :D


Princess said...

just fyi, the name of the song is River of Dreams.

and now I must run, but I'll actually read the post later

the apple said...



[steps off soapbox]

Anonymous said...

i agree with the apple
your mother