Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My blog is a quaint, sleepy village

My blog is a quaint, sleepy village
Where often I do not write posts
There's not much for hackers to pillage
Unless they want loquacious ghosts

My blog is the moors after midnight
Where the moon ever gently glides by
It's wild and untamed like the twilight
But the wild things hide 'neath the sky

My blog is the sea when it's breezy
There's always a small bit of stir
But never will you become queasy
For not much at all will occur

My blog is a far-away woodland
That does not exist in this world
It's full of potential for things grand
But those grand things have not yet unfurled

My blog is an unpainted canvas
A good place to think and to dream
You can duel wicked foes with a cutlass
Or can sit eating berries and cream

My blog is a tale with no ending
A song with no final down-beat
On long journeys it could begin bending
So please do, if you wish, take a seat


Ezzie said...

This is WAY more peaceful than work. :D

Scraps said...


Bas~Melech said...

[sits next to scraps]

I like this :-)