Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SJ, Erachet, and the Devil Squirrel

I seem to only be able to write blog entries at strange hours of the night/morning or when I'm feeling, well, not all there. True, I fell asleep for a few short minutes on the flight home last night, but really, I haven't gone properly to sleep since Monday night. I am wiped, man.

Anyway, this story is meant to be read in conjunction with SJ's wonderful retelling of our driving escapades yesterday (was it really yesterday? I have no idea what day it is anymore).

So once we reached our destination, after quite accomplished driving by SJ through all means of traffic and weather conditions, and after much heroic navigation by yours truly, we decided that seeing an immense, majestic waterfall in the midst of gorgeous, wintry frost-covered pine trees and regal mountains must be accompanied by lunch.

Now, it is generally accepted that lunch-eating is not exactly the meanest of feats, especially when you come prepared for the noon meal and are greeted with a variety of empty picnic tables upon which to arrange everything.

The term generally accepted, however, does leave room for there to be the occasional exception. Yesterday's lunch was such an exception.

SJ and I had been in search of a dry picnic table to eat our lunch at since many of the outdoor ones were all covered in snow. Luckily, we noticed a large overhang which protected several picnic tables from snow and we headed in that direction, thinking it to be the perfect place to consume our midday meal. While entering the overhang, I noticed a particular squirrel sitting on a large rock and watching us intently. It did not seem at all bothered by our ever-approaching presence as we came closer and closer to the overhang. The woodland creature merely stared and licked its paws. This behavior seemed a bit odd to me, since I'm used to New York squirrels which run when people get too close. I was a bit unnerved not to witness similar behavior from this out-of-towner squirrel.

I soon forgot about the strange animal, however, as we selected our picnic table and put down our things. I quickly made a phone call to my mom and, while I was on the phone, I heard SJ comment, "it's on your foot!"

Now, I do like animals, but I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of wild ones being on my feet. I started and looked down, discovering the same squirrel as before. It jumped up onto the bench and then onto the table, completely fearless of us. SJ and I tried to shoo it away but it was not very impressed by our efforts. It proceeded to sniff our food and look in our bags. I, meanwhile, had been on the phone with my mother this whole time and was somewhat distracted, which is why SJ was able to grab her things and all our food and run. I merely ran, leaving my things on the table.

The frightening part was that originally, before I ran, I started to back slowly away and the squirrel began to chase after me. This was not normal squirrel behavior. So I ran. SJ and I tried again and again to sneak back to the table and retrieve my things but each time, the squirrel was there waiting for us! Only when the Devil Squirrel became distracted by much sillier humans than us taking its picture and exclaiming and cooing over it and how close it got to them that SJ and I were able to dart quickly under the overhang, snatch my things, and dash like lightening back out. We literally threw ourselves in SJ's car and shut the doors firmly closed against any squirrel intruders.

Thus concludes this particular tale of the Devil Squirrel. However, I doubt this is the last time humanity will have heard from the evil rodent. Any sightings should be reported immediately to Agents S. Jay and E. Rashay.


Ezzie said...

And here, I thought it was the OOT squirrels which run while the NY ones just sit, stare, and take your food...! :P

Hilarious. :)

Northern Light said...

Erachet, evil rodents are not the only ones who like you and SJ...all those in the Northwest enjoyed your presence (and presents!)...

the apple said...


Scraps said...

That is a truly terrifying experience. You deserve medals for bravery! :-)

(And it's a hilarious story, too!)