Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opening paragraph syndrome

You know when you write what you believe to be an excellent opening paragraph, or, at least an opening paragraph that gets your point across wonderfully, so you feel like you've done your work for the day, except you haven't because you still have the whole rest of the paper to write? And you've got it all outlined so it shouldn't be that difficult, but somehow it is, because you don't know just how to begin your next paragraph without ruining the perfectness of the opening one? And you want to just frame your opening paragraph and be done with it all? Bugger the rest of the paper! Who needs it?

[There was more to this post but, unfortunately, I couldn't get past the opening paragraph]


Madd Hatter said...

Ha! I have a paper due tomorrow, and I haven't got the open paragraph even started yet, but that's okay. It's a prerequisite to belonging to COP;)

SJ said...

Hahaha...excellent post Erachet! You have an outline though? That's disqueiting. You'll have to tell me tomorrow what time you finished the paper--as Madd Hatter indicates, I can't just admit anyone to COP (though, truth be told, you were kind of in on the ground floor).

Public Service Announcement: applications for admittance into COP or APPLE may be left in the comments section of my blog.

Erachet said...

SJ - do not be disquieted! It is not an outline in the normal person's sense of the word, but rather, it is an Erachet outline, which is basically a rambling about what I want to say, but no real plan about how to say it, and therefore, no real help at all. It just makes me feel like I've worked on my paper because there are now words on the page. :D